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Effective Python reading circle


In the spring of 2020 we are organizing a series of online reading circles. The language spoken is English, and anyone is welcome to take part either as a listener or in the discussion, regardless of how much experience one has in Python programming.


This series of study circles goes over Brett Slatkins book Effective Python, that discusses some specifics of Python programming in regards to style, conventions and gotchas. The difficulty level of the book increases chapter by chapter, so the most interesting circles for beginners are probably the first and second one. After that, we noticed it gets pretty hard.

Chapters and dates

Pythonic Thinking 5.4.20 10-11 Functions 13.4.20 10-11 Classes and Inheritance 19.4.20 10-11 Metaclasses and Attributes 24.6. 11-12 Concurrency and Parallelism 9.5. 13-14 Built-in Modules 24.5. 10-11 Collaboration 31.5. 10-11 Production 7.6. 10-11


During April to June, we managed to have study circles for each chapter!

Notes on the meetups can be found in the GitHub repository. Feel free to add your own notes and create a pull request!